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A beautiful garden requires love and attention, but for many busy families and households, there’s not much time to devote to gardening maintenance. 

It’s the “to-do” item that gets pushed every weekend with a flurry of work, errand and activities. 

The time you would need to spend mowing, weeding, pruning, and hedging, is time you could be spending being in and enjoying your garden as a space to connect with family, friends and yourself.

Once you outsource your gardening maintenaince to an expert Perth Gardener like yours truly, you’ll soon think “I wish I’d done it sooner”.

“James has been looking after my garden for a couple of years and I am very pleased with the work that he consistently puts into it every month. Occasionally we talk over ideas but most of the time he knows all the things that need doing… I even recommended him to my mother-in-law so he must be good.”
— Sarah, Perth

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Sharp Yards’ Perth Garden Maintenaance Service Packages:

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“My family moved into our new home complete with lawn and plantings about one year ago. Both my wife and I have busy working lives which leave us little time for gardening. Jamie has been invaluably helpful in keeping our home looking green. He has been very helpful when I do have questions about plantings and things to do to keep our fruit trees healthy. Thanks Jamie.”
— Chuong, Perth


Employ an expert Perth gardener to personally assess your garden, consult with you, prepare a schedule, and carry out expert garden maintenance in Perth. You relax while we maintain your garden!

You can expect:

  • Expert lawn care, mowing & edging; fertilizer and wetting agent application; lawn weed, pest and disease treatment control + more!
  • Manicured garden beds, hedges, shrubs, trees
  • Effective Weed control
  • Garden fertilizing – the right amount of the right type of fertiliser for your plants in your soil type at the right frequency
  • Property leaf cleanups and blow clean

Regular garden upkeep will provide many benefits besides saving you time. If money speaks to you, your property value will stay strong. I’ve heard many times from renovators that the garden is what sold the house. You will attract investors and great tenants, with the added bonus of keeping an eye on any outdoor security issues concerning your property.w

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Our professional expert team of Perth gardeners can complete big garden clean ups, perfect for neglected and forgotten gardens. Suitable for people who want to sell their home, attract the perfect tenants or restore the garden.

“The challenging garden clean up job was carried out with competence and great efficiency… Sharp Yards staff was friendly and very thorough. The place was left in a very clean condition. Jamie supplied very useful advice for the future management of the small garden. I highly recommend Sharp Yards for garden maintenance and care.”
— Lorenzo, Perth
“Jamie worked at Marine Court Apts for the past several years and transformed the shabby gardens into an attractive garden area. Would gladly have him back again, should the opportunity arise.”
— Keith Dunlap
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Expect a FULL garden makeover inclusive of:

“Jamie was very reliable and professional! My partner and I were really happy with the work he did, he was extremely thorough in transforming our garden exactly how we wanted it. Will definitely come back to him in the future if need be.”
— Sian VB

Phone us to hire an affordable expert Perth gardener to care for the upkeep of your garden in Perth with expert knowledge in lawn care, reticulation, irrigation, garden pest and disease treatment, and garden design.

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