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As the saying goes, one year’s seed is seven years’ weed…

Weeding seems to be a never-ending task to do in our gardens. The more we neglect it the more our gardens are punished by a jungle overgrowth of fleabane, dandelions, purslane, oxalis and other types of common weeds in Perth. But there is a solution!

Consistent weed seed removal over a couple of months suppresses future weed reproduction.

Weeding Perth


Our expert Perth gardeners have the horticultural scientific knowledge and weeding methods to specifically target your weeds while leaving your plants intact. Our gardeners will recommend the best weeding solution for your Perth garden, your safety and your environmental concerns.

Hand Weeding Perth

For small gardens and quick weeding service, we’ll likely pick out weeds by hand. Pulling weeds by hand in the garden beds is hard work but if you don’t get the roots out it’s as good as mowing the lawn. The weeds will grow back.

Pulling weeds is the best chemical-free way for weed control…

However, it requires frequent weeding and is most effective when done before weeds start flowering and spreading their seeds.┬áOur professional Perth gardening team will help you win the battle of weeding! We’re experts in controlling garden weeds and lawn weeds in Perth.

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Spray Weeding Perth

For big gardens and big lawns, we can discuss using environmentally friendly, biodegradable, natural herbicide spays and deploying weed killing sprays on calm windless days.

Our gardeners practice a safe lawn weed spraying service in Perth.

Weeding big lawns requires specialised knowledge and skills. Our wedding service uses safe chemicals which specifically target the type of weeds in your lawn. If you get the concentration or type of chemical or style of application wrong, you’ll kill the lawn weeds and your lawn. 

Safely using herbicide sprays is the easiest and most effective method of regular weed control. Pulling weeds can help certain weeds become more vigorous like pulling couch grass from garden beds can do more damage than good. 

Our lush green lawns can also get overrun by broadleaf weeds like clover weeds, onion weed, winter grass, nutgrass and other types of prevalent Perth weeds types. Selective herbicides are the best way to control lawn weeds. 

Regular weed spraying services carried out by a professional expert gardener will keep the weeds in and your garden and lawn under control. You’ve got better things to do with your time!

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Natural Weed Control Perth

Other Perth garden maintenance methods can be effective in weed control.

Adding mulch to your garden beds is a great way to keep weeds away. Planting ground cover plants will also increase competition for weeds to get a hold plus ground cover plants will make those empty spaces in the garden look great! 

A healthy lush lawn regularly mowed will also help with weed control. 

Unfortunately, nature is hard to control. The wind, insects, and birds can bring weed seeds from anywhere so I use my expertise of multiple techniques to find the best solution for your garden – one that minimises weeds and chemical intervention while improving the overall look and health of your garden. Win win.┬á

If you need help with weeds, phone now and let your local Perth gardening professional take it off your hands. 

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