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  • Affordable, reliable and efficient garden maintenance services Perth wide for lawn care for commercial and strata properties with a team you can trust and depend on (hey, that’s us!) 
  • Set and forget service – book routine maintenance to your needs so you can relax knowing your property’s outdoor space will continue to not only look schmick, presentable and inviting to guests, prospects, tenants, and customers but is also achieved at an affordable and competitive rate saving you from long term problems and costly overhauls.
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A wise man (here’s looking at you Will Smith) once said: 

“If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.

In the context of gardening and your Perth commercial or strata property we couldn’t agree more. It’s about sticking to plan and habitual maintenance, so you’re always “camera ready” and primed. 

If you keep your commercial or strata property’s exterior, including hedges, trees, flowers, and lawn, looking lush and beautiful, you don’t need to work so hard to attract, welcome, and win over (clients, customers, tenants) or spend so much to fix and solve issues (exterior security/safety hazards, big clean ups, neglected / dying plants, outdoor pests problems, etc). 

Experience has shown me that steady, routine and consistent efforts wield the best garden and lawn care results. 

With Sharp Yards on your team, you know there is someone genuinely dedicated to keeping your little or big patch of outdoor turf and greenery looking as pristine and healthy as is achievable across the seasons.  

In other words, commercial garden maintenance = property value maintenance. 


“I have known Jamie for approximately 3 years on a professional basis. He has provided gardening services to my private residence as well as our Businesses, Agent Sales & Services and CCR Plascon. Jamie… is meticulous, very tidy and works tirelessly to accomplish whatever task you commission him to do. He is committed to providing the best possible service at a competitive rate. … I can unreservedly recommend Jamie for all your gardening requirements.”
— Armando Gentiluomo, Managing Director, Agent Sales & Services Pty Ltd

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“Jamie worked at Marine Court Apts for the past several years and transformed the shabby gardens into an attractive garden area. Would gladly have him back again.”
— Keith Dunlap, Marine Court Appartments

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Optimal Commercial Garden Maintenance for Perth's Best Prices

As a business owner I know that costs add up and we all want to achieve the best results we can for our budget. 

At Sharp Yards we’re all about efficiency and optimisation across our services. 

This means we devise the best commercial garden maintenance plan for your property – one that requires the minimal visits needed (as much as I love you I don’t want to spend more time, resources, and effort than needed) to keep your lawn looking green and neat, and the garden looking beautiful, healthy and displaying proudly. 

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Your One Stop Service for Commercial & Strata Garden Maintenance and Lawn Care in Perth

A born and bred Perth local, I know the WA environment intimately I can recommend the best treatments and upkeep for your commercial or strata lawn and gardens across:

  • Commercial lawn mowing and care
  • Commercial garden care services
  • Commercial pruning, hedging and edging 
  • Weed and pest control
  • Commercial garden reticulation and irrigation installation / maintenance
  • Soil improvements including mulching and fertilising
  • Small to large commercial / strata garden upgrades like new tree plantings and flower beds 
  • New commercial and strata property garden installation 
  • Green waste clean up and removal 
  • Resurrecting and rehabilitating neglected commercial and strata garden spaces 
Choose Sharp Yards to support a local small business and receive highly experienced/knowledgeable and extra dedicated, attentive and friendly service.
“Jamie is an efficient, conscientious and caring gardener who makes suggestions, not only on the maintenance of our gardens, but on how to get the best long-term benefit from his efforts. Our gardens have never looked better.”
Keith Dunlap, Council of Owners

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Call Sharp Yards for your Perth Commercial and Strata Garden Maintenance enquiries now!

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