Reticulation Irrigation Services Perth

Perth gardening services.

  • Affordably priced reticulation irrigation installation and retic maintenance services Perth wide.
  • Repair broken, leaking, dripping retic irrigation services Perth wide.
  • Setup and maintain irrigation timers Perth WA
  • Checking your irrigation is working correctly when you’re on holidays.
  • Testing reticulation irrigation systems are working for the most efficient water delivery to your garden plans. We might need to replace your old retic timer for a new hightech timer, sprinklers or drippers to reduce evaporation and getting reticulated water to the right place and right amount in your garden. 

Water Wise Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

In Perth’s dry climate, keeping a beautiful healthy green lawn and garden requires reliable, automatically scheduled and efficient watering… not too much not too little. It can be a fine art to balance just the right amount of watering, which doesn’t overuse our precious resources!

If you consider yourself an eco warrior or just want to make sure you’re doing your own lil’ bit to preserve water, reduce water bills, and make the most water-efficient reticulation choices for your Perth home garden (without sacrificing the health and lush beauty of your garden and lawn) then consulting a water-wise irrigation installation professional is the way to go!

Sharp Yards is trained by the national industry leader, Irrigation Australia, applying environmentally sustainable work practices and using water-wise knowledge to install or repair your irrigation system in Perth WA. 

You might incorrectly assume a reticulation installation would use more water than necessary, but in fact the opposite is true. Irrigation, or automatic watering, takes the mental and physical effort of maintaining the watering of a garden and lawn, while utilising just the right volume of water to hydrate and sustain your outdoor greenery. 

 “Jamie is so knowledgable and professional in all aspects of landscaping, with so many good ideas, completed… landscaping and reticulation on time and on budget.”
— David Hornby, Sorrento

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Reticulation Repairs, Perth WA

If your broken reticulation system needs repair, Sharp Yards irrigation professionals can consult and provide their expert retic knowledge to inspect and evaluate your irrigation system for leaking or blocked pipes and valves, damaged sprinklers, faulty irrigation timers, broken wire, and beyond. Once the reticulation problems are discovered and reported, retic repairs can be made, minus the guesswork!

Reticulation Irrigation Repairs Perth
Undetected retic leaks like this can cost thousands of dollars as water leaks away in Perth's sandy soil.

New Irrigation System Installation in Perth - Our Approach:

Before we install irrigation systems in Perth, Sharp Yards will use their expertise to test and monitor your soil. We’ll measure your available water and pressure and measure your watering area. With these factors understood, Sharp Yards can use this water knowledge to design and install the most water-efficient and optimised garden reticulation system for your home or property.  

A professional retic design and installation will make sure your soil has good water holding capacity and the correct irrigation sprinklers whether they are standard nozzles, mp rotators, gear drives, micro sprays or a dripline. Altogether your new or old revamped irrigation system in Perth can prevent overwatering and save money on high price water bills in the long run.

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Quality Irrigation Guarantee

We’re not fans of “cheap and nasty” around here… Only the best reticulation parts and reputable brands are used for your Perth irrigation installation and irrigation repair service in Perth/WA. Sharp Yards installs high-quality, durable and built-to-last sprinklers, nozzles, and driplines. 

It may involve a slightly high upfront cost but you save on issues, repairs, and replacements in the long run, not to mention reduce wastage of supplies. Good quality retic fittings will save you from having to replace unreliable cheap retic products. 

Perth’s climate can be very dry and unpredictable. A smart watering system with a good functional and good quality timer will make every drop of irrigated water count when it comes to irrigating the best lawn and garden in Perth.

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If you just have questions about your reticulation irrigation project in Perth WA, phone me now! 

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