Why Sharp Yards Gardening Services In Perth?

Turn a new leaf with Sharp Yards on your residential or commercial garden’s green dream team.

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Garden Services with Perth's Plant Whisperer

My love affair with horticulture and gardening began with supporting a fellow Perth gardener back in 2015. When life took her to a new town, I had the opportunity to take over and deepen my expertise and garden maintenance service by exploring the fascinating science of how things grow and discovering each plant’s unique needs.

As I observed the magic of plants and learned what a healthy garden gives back to humans as well as the environment, I knew the seed of a lifelong romance was planted.

And with that Sharp Yards Garden Maintenance and Lawn Care Services sprouted. I like to think I play a role in keeping the sacredness of gardens alive, adding that special something to private and public spaces.



No Beating Around the Bush

You can count on me to rock up on time, and charge through your complete garden care and lawn care requirements. No faffing about or sneaky unconsulted charges. And, if there’s any plant, lawn, or irrigation issues I’ll nip it in the bud early saving you from additional long term recovery costs and headaches.

Keeps Things Rosy

I’m a friendly and reliable guy you can count on to get to the job on time, power through your garden maintenance and upkeep, answer your garden care questions, and share in the excitement of your garden fantasies. We’re in this together and I care about your roses just as much as you.

Gets to the Root of Things

Because I’ve got the scientific smarts on the specific needs of different garden environment and plant needs I can give you reliable advice on how to maximise and enhance your unique garden space. If your plants are showing signs of deficiency like, dying leaves, I can assess the issue and create an environment for them to thrive. If your rose bushes or lawn needs extra love, I can wield that magic touch. With a strong eye for detail, a bank of knowledge and magic green thumbs, you know your garden is in safe and plant-loving hands with Sharp Yards.

I Dig Deep

While you can always count on me to deliver a garden maintenance and lawn care service you’re completely satisfied with as a baseline, I also go the extra mile with my service. Have a specific question about a plant? I’ll either know and happily offer the answer or research and come back to you. Want to understand how to care for plants in between visits or the best products to use, you can count on me for the best advice and ideas. Some call it flexible and available, others call it a rose amongst thorns 😉

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Let’s begin our green romance… Get in touch!

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