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There’s no better feeling than having a healthy lush green lawn you can admire, walk or play on.  The people of Perth take lots of pride in their patch of turf and behind every neighbourhood there’s an unspoken rivalry of who on the street has the healthiest green lawn.

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It takes some expert knowledge to maintain that beautiful patch of grass, so phone Perth’s best gardening team to do the hard work and give you the precious time to enjoy it and watch the kids play.  That’s why Perth’s best lawn carers are here to provide you with a professional expert lawn service and are happy to give you hints and tips your neighbour doesn’t know.

In Perth, the basic standard for good lawn care is regular mowing and reliable irrigation. If your irrigation system needs repairs I can fix your problem.  If you want to step up your lawn care, regular fertilizer and wetting agent applications are vital to feed your grass and support strong root growth.  


Lawn weeds like onion weed, dandelions, nut grass, bindi weed and winter weed etc. will require selective herbicides spaying to control. A hand weeding service in Perth is uneconomical for large area lawn care.  However the healthier your lawn the more competition for weeds to get a hold.  Regular lawn mowing will also prevent the weeds from flowering and setting seeds.  

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Your lawn could have an excess build-up of thatch or suffer from compaction.  Thatch is a build-up of dead organic material between your soil and green grass.  When thatch gets thick it stops water and fertilizer from effectively accessing the root zone.  A compact lawn will also prevent water, oxygen and fertilizer from accessing the root zone.  These lawn problems can be maintained with annual lawn aeration or our vertimowing service in Perth.

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You may notice not all lawn is the same or responds the same to treatments.  You could have buffalo grass, couch grass, kikuyu grass or others.  As you can see there’s quite a bit of work in keeping a lush green lawn!  So hire Perth’s best gardener to give you an affordable Perth lawn care package so you can just enjoy your lawn all year!

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