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Why Invest in Perth Gardening Services?

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You could say that more than ever, our homes have become our personal oasis and a refuge from our busy lives.

If you’re hiring Sharp Yard’s Perth gardening services, you’re probably someone who deeply values your home garden and everything it represents.  

An inviting and alluring home or business presence starts on the outside. Every step towards the front door is a trail that says something about who resides inside.

A picturesque, tidy, and welcoming garden and landscape elevates your everyday experience and connection to the natural world while leaving a positive lasting impression on your guests. 

“Jamie has been doing my garden for about five years. He is an absolute professional, is always on time and always goes out of his way to listen and goes the extra mile. My garden always looks beautiful when he leaves. I am always reluctant to recommend anyone but he now does my mother in laws garden, sister in law and various other members of the extended family. I cannot recommend Jamie too highly.”
— Sarah Potter

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Shard Yards’ Perth Gardening Service Options:

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REGULAR GARDEN MAINTENAINCE (Routine visit every 2-4 weeks)

Experience the delight of a well-kept, presentable, and healthy garden all year round with routine garden maintenance. Under the Regular Garden Maintenance package I service all your garden and lawn care needs.Prevent the “jungle effect” and keep your home looking presentable all year round – great for attracting the right tenants or investors – while saving costs on big garden cleanups / revivals. Not only will you look at your garden with pride but so will your neighborhood. Another great bonus is having an extra pair of eyes on the ground for any repair or security issues regarding your property whether you’re home or away.

Lawn Care





Dead Heading
Tidy Plants
Remove suckers



Garden Clean-Up

Collect & remove green waste.
Property blow clean.

Scheduled Lawn & Garden Treatments

Wetting agents
Pest control

Garden Upkeep

Replace dead plants with added new soil & fertilizer.
Collect and remove green waste + property blow clean.

Typical Cost:

Sharp Yards expects a high standard of lawn & garden care and wants you to be satisfied and have peace of mind. Everyone is different and has their own preferences.

The best way is to give me a call on 0425-742-657 and I will be happy to arrange a visit, say hello, learn and understand what your needs are and you can get a personalized and very reasonable and competitive fixed quote for the duration of garden maintenance you’re looking for.

Pensioners receive a 10% discount.

“I have had the pleasure of having Jamie Michalek of Sharp Yards as my gardening consultant/expert/Guru looking after my home garden for over two years. All in all he is an all-rounder when it comes to anything gardening. I have been lucky to have had him this long and not intending to let him go. Thank you Jamie.”
— Mani, Perth

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(Recommended seasonally or annually)

With seasonal changes there are important measures to take if you want to keep your garden in top shape, extending the life of your lawn and garden beds.

Plants are a little like us, we slow down in winter but come spring and summer we love to get busy and enjoy the warmer weather! Much like people, if we look after our gardens in the cold winter months it will make the warmer weather much more enjoyable and stress-free!

Seasonal Maintenance will keep the long-term health of your lawn and gardens.

Such tasks include:

Soil Amendment

A healthy soil structure is 100% the most fundamental part of a healthy lawn and garden. You really can't have healthy plants without tiptop soil. Amending your soil will improve its structure, water holding capacity and water/nutrient absorption, create less runoff, and supports a fertile healthy ecosystem of beneficial micro-organisms.


Mulching is best completed in summer or winter. There are so many benefits that come with a thick layer of mulch. Mulch is great at regulating the temperature of your garden beds keeping them warm in winter and cooler in summer. It will keep the weeds from taking over, and make for efficient use of your watering by reducing evaporation. Plus, it looks great!


Over time your lawn gets compacted from use and it also builds a layer of dead organic matter called thatch. Compaction and thatch affect your lawn's long-term health, reducing the effectiveness of absorbing precious water as well as getting fertilizers and oxygen into the roots.


Winter is a great time to give your roses, fruit trees, and ornamental shrubs a big prune which will encourage lots of healthy new growth. Last but not least it can remove limb susceptible to disease, remove pests, and encourage a healthy and pleasing aesthetic shape.


A well-designed and efficient reticulation system is vital for keeping a healthy lawn and garden, especially in the hot, dry, Perth summer months. Before the winter water ban is lifted it's always a good idea to get your system checked for any repairs/replacements needed and flush out any build-up of dirt in your pipes.

Typical Cost:

Give me a call on 0425-742-657 and I will have happy to answer any questions and offer my advice. If you would like a competitive quote and a professional job done, Sharp Yards is at your service!

Pensioners receive a 10% discount.

“Jamie takes pride in all of his work – whether it is lawns, weeding, pruning or planting and maintaining. He is lovely and friendly too. Highly recommend.”
— Christopher May

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Gardener Perth Northern Suburbs


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“For just over two years Jamie has been taking care of our lawn and gardens, from a general lawn mow to care and maintenance of the garden beds and shrubs. During this time Jamie has continued to broaden his knowledge with landscaping and reticulation and is passionate about working with us to bring our ideas to life. With a keen eye for detail and exemplary customer service you can rely on Jamie to provide a complete garden service.”
— Deonne, Perth

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