Gardener Perth

Gardener Perth

Hire the best local Perth home gardening services near you. While our gardeners are based in Perth’s northern suburbs, we travel Perth wide to provide affordable, professional gardening maintenance services at your Perth home.

Your local expert gardener for the best garden maintenance and lawn care services in Perth WA. Affordable and professional gardening upkeep prices.

Like me, you may have noticed that an inviting home or business starts on the outside. Every step towards the front door is a trail that says something about who lives inside. A beautiful, tidy, and inviting presence is your garden’s natural right.

Gardener Perth near me.

Your Own Little Perth Garden of Eden

You’re probably someone who deeply values their home garden and everything it represents. It’s not just a place to store your stuff and where you hit the hay come evening, but space you share with the most important people in your life.

You could say that more than ever, our homes have become our own oasis and a refuge from our busy lives. But, some forget, what surrounds them – our gardens – can play a mighty role in the enjoyment and experience of our homes. Gardens have been enjoyed for centuries as spaces to seek peace, beauty, and other simple pleasures.

I see it as my job as a gardener to achieve the right balance of aesthetic delight and impressive function. For some, that’s a peaceful outdoor space to have their morning coffee or enjoy a cuppa with a friend in the fresh air surrounded by sunshine and greenery. For others, it’s a space to roll around on the grass with the kiddies or kick back with a book and a spritz with juicy lime they plucked from their own Perth garden.

“We are so grateful for the way he has transformed our lawn, maintained our roses, hedges and garden beds as well as develop innovative play spaces for our young children. We highly recommend Sharp Yards!”
Becky (Swanbourne)

Relax with family in beautiful Perth gardens.

Is Sharp Yard’s Garden Maintenance Services & Lawn Care Right for Me?

Truth is, if you’re looking for a quick and dirty lawn mow job, I’m probably not the guy for you. I care way too much about your little outdoor paradise for that. I’m the guy who not only bears the skills and attention to detail required to keep your roses looking pristine and your lawn beaming an obnoxious shade of green, but also revels in the science of horticulture and soil biome.

Can I trim your hedges and weed the garden? Of course! But I’ve also got the knowledge and expertise to assess and create the environment for your soil, lawn and plants to not only thrive, but use less water, detract pests and provide little gifts like fresh herbs and edible treats.

I’m the guy who can explain why your ficus is looking sad, investigate and solve your pest invasion, or why your avo tree is not delivering the goods. I’m the guy with a personal approach who develops obsessive thoughts about your garden and thinks of new ways to make it shine and enhance the joy you get from it.

“Jamie is an efficient, conscientious and caring individual who makes suggestions, not only on the maintenance of our gardens, but on how to get the best long-term benefit from his efforts. Our gardens have never looked better.”
Keith Dunlap, Council of Owners

Whether it’s doing some extra plant research or popping into the nursery to source something special for you, I pride myself on service that creates big grins.


“Plants are master communicators and always giving us signs. I’ve made it my mission to learn the plant language so I can cure your plant woes.”

The Sharp Yards Guarantee

A Top Shelf Garden Wellness Kit

As a garden lover, I only use high-quality effective products in your garden & opt for eco-friendly brands.


Science(nerd)-based Expertise & Consulting

Whether it’s advising on how to enrich your soil biome or applying lawn cutting techniques that keep weeds away, my sexy plant knowledge is always based on proven and evergreen horticultural practices.

I’m not Happy Unless You’re Happy

Your satisfaction is my number one priority and you can be sure I’ll do the job to a high standard.


Plant Power Over Pesticides

I’ll always investigate and advise on alternative and permacultural savvy ways to detract pests like using diversity of ground cover plants so that pesticides can be avoided.

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