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An important gardening maintenance practice is pruning. Whenever you prune, there must be a good reason to do so.  This sounds obvious, but some people prune just for the sake of it because they are not sure what to do.  The main reasons for pruning are:

  • To improve plant shape early training by formative pruning.
  • To create or maintain the required plant shape and habit.
  • To restrict a plant to the required height and/or width.
  • To remove weak, crossing, rubbing and overcrowded growth.
  • To remove dead, diseased, dying or damaged growth – the 4Ds.
  • To improve flowing.
  • To improve fruiting.
  • To improve foliage and stem growth and/or shape and/or color.
  • To shape a plant or tree decoratively.
  • To remove reverted growth, unwanted suckers and other unwanted stems.
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It is far better to prune regularly when needed rather than leaving it until more major renovation surgery becomes necessary. After pruning a plant, it is a good idea to give it a good feed with fertilizer. After feeding a layer of thick wood chip or organic mulch will complete the process.

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I love pruning because it keeps plants in a healthy controlled shape.  Deadheading plants like your roses will improve the length and frequency of flower blooms.  Knowing how and when to prune lemon trees and other fruiting trees will improve their shape, health and harvest.  Not all plants require pruning however, for example pruning lavender to its woody stems will leave it in an unrecoverable position. 


Regular hedge trimming and tree trimming is ideal for maintaining your shrubs and trees’ formal shape and structure.  Hedge trimming can also create intricate topiary shapes.

Hiring Perth’s best gardeners will ensure we use our professional pruning knowledge and sharp clean pruning tools ranging from secateurs, loppers and chainsaws.  Our tools are clean and sharp ensuring clean cuts and avoid spreading disease. 


Phone now for if you want to talk about pruning!

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