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There’s no better feeling than having a healthy lush green lawn you can admire, ground your bare feet on, or play on with the kiddies. If you take pride in keeping your own lil’ spot of turf an optimistic shade of green, while keeping the water bill lean, you’ll appreciate the efforts of Sharp Yards’ regular lawn care service Perth wide.

It takes expertise to maintain that beautiful patch of grass with a water efficient approach. Sharp Yards, Perth’s best lawn carers, are here to provide you with an ultra professional expert lawn service and are happy to give you lawn care hints and tips your neighbour doesn’t know ;).

In Perth, the basic standard for the best lawn care is regular lawn mowing and reliable irrigation.

If your lawn irrigation system needs repair, I can fix your problem. Aside from that, for optimal lawn care, regular fertilizer and wetting agent applications are vital to feed your grass and support strong root growth.  

 “Jamie takes pride in all of his work – whether it is lawns, weeding, pruning or planting and maintaining. He is lovely and friendly too. Highly recommend.”
— Christopher May, Perth

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Why Do I Have Weeds and/or Dying Grass?

Lawn weeds like onion weed, dandelions, nut grass, bindi weed and winter weed will require selective herbicides to control. A hand weeding service in Perth is uneconomical for large area lawn care. However the healthier your lawn the more competition for weeds to get a hold. Regular lawn mowing will also prevent the weeds from flowering and setting seeds.

Lawn BEFORE & AFTER the Sharp Yards' Magic Touch...

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Lawn Coring and Vertimowing Perth

Your Perth lawn could have an excess build-up of thatch or suffer from compaction.  Thatch is a build-up of dead organic material between your soil and green grass.  When thatch gets thick it stops water and fertilizer from effectively accessing the root zone. 

A compact lawn will also prevent water, oxygen and fertilizer from accessing the root zone. Our gardeners in Perth fix lawn problems with regular good lawn care services and with annual lawn aeration or our vertimowing service in Perth.

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The Ideal Lawn Care for Your Perth Lawn

You may notice not all lawn is the same or responds the same to lawn care treatments.  You could have buffalo grass, couch grass, kikuyu grass or others. Not a lawn care buff like myself? Take the hassle and effort out or your life and hire Perth’s best gardener to give you an affordable Perth lawn care package so you can enjoy your lawn all year, without hours of green thumb study and experimentation.

Call Sharp Yards for your Perth Lawn Care enquiries now!

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