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As your local professional gardener I could not recommend mulching your garden enough! 

Mulching is a great gardening maintenance practice.  The benefits of having mulch in your garden are significant for maintaining a healthy garden.


  1. Keep soil moisture in under mulch by reducing evaporation
  2. Soil microbes stay alive
  3. Attractive appearance
  4. Reduces soil erosion
  5. Releases nutrients as it rots
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Why Mulch My Perth Garden?

Firstly, visually speaking, mulching is very aesthetically pleasing on the eye. If you’re looking to sell your property or attract investors or tenants, a freshly mulched garden bed is a cheap investment that goes a long way to upgrade the first impression of your garden.

Now aesthetics are one thing, but how does mulch benefit the health of your garden? 

A thick layer of good-quality mulch will keep the weeds at bay. Weeds and seeds need sunlight to germinate and thrive. A blanket of thick mulch will help prevent that.  Some weeds may get through but there will be less work. Consistent mulching will see you win the battle of weeding!

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Before and after weeding and mulching services in Perth.

Environmental Benefits of Mulching 

Mulching will hold moisture in soil for longer by preventing water evaporation giving your plants’ roots longer access to water which can make all the difference on a hot summer day.

It’s also a fantastic temperature regulator for your plants, keeping your roots warm in winter and cool in summer. Did you know healthy roots make healthy plants? Like our brains, roots need protection from the hot sun and freezing winter cold. That’s another thumbs up for the benefits of mulching seasonally!

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Picking the Right Mulch – Beware of Cheap Imposters! 

Be careful about the mulch you install as cheap woodchip mulch in Perth can sap nitrogen from your soil, which is a vital mineral element for plant growth. Organic mulch like straw mulch or Lupin mulch are fantastic for building soil health and structure. It will trickle feed your garden bed over the season. 

A good wood chip mulch available in Perth is 100% pine bark mulch. It is environmentally sustainable and is long-lasting in the garden. Personally, my least favorite mulch is black mulch.  It looks great on the first day however, black mulch can carry weeds because it’s not 100% woodchip so it will disappear and that’s not what you want from your mulch.

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