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New Perth Garden Design Ideas

Create with our professional garden designer in Perth, innovative garden design layout options of new garden design ideas for your new Perth garden installation project.

A garden is so much more than just a garden.┬á Its design tells a story about who you are.┬á Your home garden design layout represents your personality and your values. Are you the carefree type who loves that natural garden design look? Are you proud of where you’re from and your local area?┬á Are you the type who appreciates order, and elegance? Or you’re the adventurous type who wants to be transported to your favourite tropical getaway? Or perhaps there’s no place like home and you take pleasure in sitting on the porch watching the birds sing and busy bees hop from flower to flower.┬á

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Sharp Yards can consult and work with you to create a Perth garden design that will match your home and personality. Perth has an amazing climate that can support the best of any themed garden.┬á Whether it’s a cottage-style garden, native garden, tropical or low maintenance garden Perth’s best garden designer can invent, with your design input, to create a new Perth garden designed for you to love for years.┬á


Garden consulting is very important to understand your theme.  It will reveal the type of plants and decoration suited to your garden theme.  Behind every garden theme requires a reliable garden irrigation system.  With my expert knowledge in reticulation, I can design the right system for your garden.  

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Soil in Perth Garden Design

Another vital important stage of your Perth garden design is soil preparation.┬á Your soil is the foundation of your garden design and you need the right soil structure to support the kind of garden you want.┬á It takes more than a couple of bags of compost and sheep poo.┬á I can provide a soil analysis to determine its PH and structure.┬á The right soil PH and structure is designed to support your plants’ root system by giving the plants access to vital nutritional trace elements and being about to support and sustain a superior water holding capacity, drainage and infiltration.

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Phone Perth's best garden designer to start your garden design journey.

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