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Garden pests and garden disease can be frustrating. It’s help to understand that garden pests are part of an important cycle of a plant’s life. When a plant is weak from disease or stress garden pests play a positive role by helping to decompose and feed the plants carbon and nutrients back into the soil giving opportunity for new life to take its place. At home there are pest control and disease control methods that can help prevent our gardens from being infected.

Garden Disease

Disease is a fungal infection such as powdery mildew, myrtle rust, root rot are intensified by pests but are commonly caused by poor drainage and moist soil conditions. It is important to improve drainage in your soil. Luckily in the Perth metro we mostly deal with sandy soils which is a great material for soil drainage. In a clay heavy soil adding gypsum can help break down the clay.

Using organic pest control sprays like eco oil is a good way to control the insect pests and it can also attract beneficial insects like ladybirds and lacewings who feed on insect pests like aphids. Eco oil is my recommended treatment for regular garden pest control.


There are other indirect methods for garden pest control. Regular garden maintenance like regular pruning cultivates healthier plants and removes limbs susceptible to disease. Mulching and fertilizing keeps a healthy plant and a healthy plant has more strength and resilience to fight off pests. Plants have lived with insect pests their entire existence. Pests are part of the ecosystem and removing them 100% is impossible. There are advanced techniques such as crop trapping that encourages sacrificial plants and aims to embrace and battle pest control by creating a garden eco system that’s also inviting for predatory insects which will help take care of garden pests for you.

Crop Trapping

Phone your local Perth gardener if you need help with pest control.

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