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Hire the best expert gardening maintenance service in Perth. Affordable price hiring of a good Perth gardener for maintaining your garden upkeep. Adhoc Spring gardening maintenance boost or regular monthly garden maintenance services.

Hire Perth's Best Expert Gardening Care Service

Phone and hire an affordable expert Perth gardener to care for the upkeep of your garden in Perth with expert knowledge in lawn carereticulation and gardening.  I hear many times from the Perth community that they want a reliable gardener they can trust who can give them peace of mind knowing their Perth home garden is maintained to their standard.

When living an active and working lifestyle, it’s important to prioritize your free time enjoying it with family and friends. Unfortunately lack of down time leaves little time for maintaining our gardens. Perth garden owners recognize the value that gardens provide their lives, property and community.

Can I meet your standard? Absolutely! I offer the following Perth garden maintenance service packages:

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Seasonal Garden Cleanups Service in Perth: Our professional expert team of Perth gardeners can complete big garden clean ups, perfect for neglected and forgotten gardens. Suitable for people who want to sell their home, attract the perfect tenants or restore the garden. 


Expect a FULL garden makeover:

You’ll be amazed with the result!


Regular Garden Maintenance:  Hire an expert Perth gardener to personally assess your garden, prepare a schedule, and carry out expert garden maintenance in Perth.  You relax while we maintain your garden!  You can expect:  

  • Expert lawn care, mowing & edging, fertilizer and wetting agent application, lawn weed, pest and disease treatment control + more! 
  • Effective Weed control
  • Manicured garden beds, hedges, shrubs, trees
  • Garden fertilizing service in Perth. The right amount of the right type of fertiliser for your plants in your soil type at the right frequency.
  • Property leaf clean up and blow clean.

Regular garden upkeep in Perth will provide many benefits besides saving you time. If money speaks to you, your property value will stay strong. I’ve heard many times that the garden is what sold the house. You will attract investors and great tenants.

Regular and reliable gardening maintenance service will keep a regular good appearance at your property keeping an eye on any issues concerning your property which is great when you are working away or on holidays which is good for security. 


Perth Garden Maintenance Service Phone 0425 742 657

Let’s get your garden to the state it deserves to be! I can’t wait to chat with you!

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